Welcome to the Girlguiding Orkney website! Wherever you are in Orkney there will be a unit not too far away that offers girls and young women the opportunity to develop their potential and make a difference in the world.

Girlguiding is the leading charity for girls and young women in Orkney. We build girls’ confidence and raise their aspirations. We give them the chance to discover their full potential and encourage them to be a powerful force for good. We give them space to have fun! In Girlguiding Orkney we have 400 girls and young women involved in our units every week!

Guiding isn’t just about girls though. We have over 70 adult volunteers and supporters contributing many hours to guiding every year. Volunteering allows you to use your existing skills, learn new ones and make new friends. It also gives you the opportunity to play active roles in a caring environment by helping and encouraging young people today. Guiding involves giving some of your time and energy, but it is very rewarding and great fun for everyone!

Depending on age, girls are members of the following sections:

Rainbows are 5 to 7 years old

Brownies are 7 to 10 years old

Guides are 10 to 14 years old

Senior Section are 14 to 25 years old

We have many opportunities for adults as volunteers, either in a unit, or as part of our support teams and of course you can join The Trefoil Guild who meet on a regular basis and share fun and friendship.

Talk to us and find out more.





Registered Charity No SC022676